Womens Health

TCM has some unique advantages when treating women’s issues. Our ability to recognize the pattern of disharmony (through tongue, pulse & questioning) means we know what to treat and how to correct imbalances. The menstrual cycle is governed by the ‘liver’ in TCM, and acupuncture is extremely effective in regulating the liver qi, often resulting in improved mood, less PMT symptoms, regular pain-free periods. More complex issues such as peri-menopausal hot flushes, Endometriosis or PCOS also respond well to Chinese Medicine.


(See also Women’s health) Modern Chinese Medicine in the area of fertility is very exciting. For example, doctors of Chinese Medicine have correlated the presence of hormones including oestrogen and progesterone with kidney yin and kidney yang respectively. This means we can give herbs to help your body make the right hormones at the right time. At KCM Clients are sometimes required to take their temperature every morning on a BBT chart, to keep track of what their hormones are doing, and identify ovulation.

For men: There are herbs to improve sperm count and quality, and if acupuncture is required, it’s nowhere near the private parts!

IVF Support: Studies have shown that combining acupuncture with IVF improves outcomes. Allowing 3 months of preparation time using herbs can increase success rate by even more, and can be greatly important. The quality of sperm or egg cannot be improved by western treatment. In women they can stimulate the ovaries to produce a large quantity of eggs, but unless the quality is there, results are often unsuccessful. The same goes for sperm, even when ICSI is used.


Acupuncture often gets remarkable results in treating nausea, reflux, anxiety, threatened miscarriage, and other complications. It is a calming, nurturing experience for many pregnant mums. We have a pregnancy cushion so you can lay comfortably facedown or on your side.

Labour induction: Many women come for acupuncture for labour induction. For some it is very effective, for others their baby seems to have its own idea about things. Either way, acupuncture prior to labour has been shown improve the rate of contractions and make the mother more relaxed during birthing process.

Acupuncture During Labour: Kali may be available to attend a labouring mother if needed. Times when this could be helpful are: when the contractions have petered out and the mother is fatiguing, or to help turn a baby in malposition such as posterior.

*For acupuncture during labour,  call out fee is $100, incl. first hour, then $50 per hour thereafter

Intuitive Yoga with TRE®

Kali Foster runs 2 x weekly classes from her yoga studio, The Yoga Temple, Kallista. The classes include guided hatha yoga, qigong and intuitive movement, combined with TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)
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Classes in Kallista:

10am Wednesdays (open class) & Tuesdays 7.30pm (women’s class)
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. Call 0407 564 836.