$ 110

Initial consultation / Treatment


$ 80

*Concession may apply

Ear Candling

$ 60

per session

Chinese Herbal Medicine

$ 16 - 40

One Week's Supply

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy & TRE®WITH KALI FOSTER

$ 120*

*plus $10 booklet for TRE if required$90 per subsequent 1hr session

Sessions may include gentle acupuncture or body work

Will my private health insurance cover my treatment?
Yes, usually only for the Acupuncture, if you have appropriate extras cover. You only need to pay the gap if your private heath fund is compatible with HICAPS* & you have extras cover for acupuncture. This amount will depend on your fund and level of cover.

*Some health funds don’t do HICAPS for Acupuncture.

Achieve Your Goals- 3 sessions

$ 240

Regular Price $270 - 3 sessionsFor any health concern, this includes: A thorough TCM health check. Co-create a wellness plan including treatments, diet & lifestyle & effective tools to use at home.   3 sessions usually $270 for only $240. Save $30.  Herbs or supplements may be additional.

Quit Smoking

$ 220

3 sessionsIf you are ready to quit, we are here to help.

This involves 3 sessions of acupuncture over 1-2 weeks to help with the addiction cravings. Acupuncture calms the nervous system, reducing cravings as well as the side effects of quitting.

Supplements such as Vitamin C or detox herbs may be recommended.

TRE Package

$ 220

3 SessionsThis involves 3x training & supervision sessions in TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises), usually required to achieve the level of experience and understanding needed to continue on at home. Kali spends 1.5 hrs on the first visit to explain the neuroscience behind trauma and TRE®, and personalize the information for you.
Cost $210 + $10 for brochure on day one = $220 total